Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moving Out!

We did it--we moved last January 29! I mean we started moving on January 29 and were in the new house on Feb. 1, a day before my birthday. I didn't know the act of moving was going to be so traumatic! I was freaking out when the movers were packing up MY things--and treating them like, well..THINGS!

I felt enormous sadness thinking-- this was our first home after getting married, this is where the kids were born, this is where they were babies, etc etc. Whaaaaaa!  I stayed in my room and cried for awhile.   I'll NEVER move again after this! I'm going to die in this "new" house.

It was hard the first two days, but as soon as the house didn't look like my place anymore, it was easy to just go with the flow and mechanically pack like everyone else was doing. I looked out one last time to the my view for the last 9 years..
Whenever there would be a "rally of 30,000 people", all I had to do was take a peek out my window and it would always only be a couple of thousand people, all "hakot", laughing, eating, taking pictures of each other!

It was also easy for me to assess the traffic situation and plan an alternate route before I left the building. One of the big advantages of living in a condo--NO mosquitos! I guess they can't fly that high. 


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