Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shopping for Sunglasses

I haven't had a pair of sunglasses for many months now since I keep losing them! But a trip is coming up and I need shades badly.

Off to the mall I went, and into the first optical shop. I almost fainted with the prices of the sunglasses they were trying to sell me! P25,000?!?!  Are they crazy? It took a while before the sales people finally stopped showing me all these branded shades, and brought out regular UV lenses. Shades are almost disposable, so it doesn't make sense to spend a fortune just to have an obscene double CC or a Prada triangle on them.  I need to see snow-covered mountains, and I don't need to look fashionable up there anyway (well...not THAT fashionable). 

 The "viewing test" without polarized lenses

I went into the first optical store and tried on a few before I got sales-talked into buying polarized lenses. I'm excited to do the real test with my new shades and see if my polarized lenses are better than regular shades. 

And now with polarized lenses--you can see the sailboat.

After I bought my shades, I had to go to the Speedo store at Bonifacio High street to buy G a black suit for her  swimming lessons which start this week. What an amazing store. Tons of suits and other swimming paraphernalia. It makes me wish I was a competitive swimmer.  At the counter, Speedo had polarized lens sunglasses at such a reasonable price compared to that optical shop! I had to buy another another pair (for B to use, so he doesn't borrow mine).

I know we'll be able to see the mountains better, but I think we won't be able to read texts on our phone while wearing it. Sometimes polarized lenses have that effect.

Eager to  try them out. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mudejar Architecture in Zaragoza, Spain

 The Aljaferia in Zaragoza

Zaragoza was our first overnight stop in our Spain road trip itinerary. We had just left Barcelona that morning and stopped in Lerida for lunch at the Celler de Rosier restaurant.  After a heavy but delicious late lunch of paella and pork ribs (among many other things) we walked around Lerida for an hour or so before continuing on our way to Zaragoza where we were going to spend the night. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bamboo Beach Club in Nasugbu

Those familiar with the western Batangas coast in Nasugbu will tell you that the best swimming beach in the whole coast is Bamboo Beach. 

In decades past, Bamboo Beach was reachable only by sea, so only the townsfolk of Barrio Wawa who had access to bancas, and the more affluent boat owners from neighboring beaches like Tali Beach, Munting Buhangin or White Sands (now Terazzas), Natipuan,  and Maya-maya reef club were the only ones who could reach the place or bring people to Bamboo Beach.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Love Song

I found this on my desk.  "It's a song I wrote for you, mommy" G said.

They are at that precious age where they adore me. Wish they could stay this age forever. 


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