About me

Why do you Blog? 

1. I blog because I have tens of thousands of pictures in my laptop!

For my travel pictures, I want to curate them into blog posts. Like a family scrapbook, I want the kids to remember the things we've done together (or the things their parents do on trips without them). It sure beats having a picture book gathering dust on the shelves.

I also take a lot of shots of things I find interesting--interior details, rooms I like, rooms I don't like, etc. I use these shots as reference points for copying or improving. If I'm talking to a contractor, it is easier for me to pull up my blog and show them exactly what I'm talking about.

2. This is the easiest way for me to update the family on what's going on without having to bring my laptop to Sunday lunches or dinners. My mom always wants to know where I go and what I do, and my sisters like to know what I eat (my dad and brothers don't read blogs, but my they still get the news from my mom and my SILs.)

3. Sometimes friends ask how I planned a certain trip, where we stayed, how we got to one place or the next. Since I'm a bit obsessive about planning trips, and spend a number of sleepless hours researching online, I thought I might as well share the information.

4. I've found that if I put the things that interest me in one neat package like a blog, I am able to identify recurring themes, and discover more things about myself and what I like. It's a lot about self-discovery and awareness.

What's the Topic of your Blog?

Travel, interior design, food, kids. Not necessarily in that order.


I take all the photos on this blog. I'm a visual person, so my pictures usually dictate the topic of my post. I try my best to credit other people's photos with a source link. You're welcome to use any of my photos for personal use, but ask that you link back to my site too.

Webpage Design

I don't have enough time to sit down to do a blogpost, much less fiddle around with the design of my webpage. I sorely need a header, I'd love to put columns on the sides, put my favorite quotes, link to interesting resources--but I just can't manage. If you are someone who loves to tinker and can think of a header that will reflect what I write about, and help me tweak a bit, do send me a message and offer your services.

Furthermore, I'd love to move this blog to Wordpress, but again, haven't gotten around to it. I also need someone to help me do that.

To be continued...


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