Sunday, July 23, 2017

About Last (Last, Last) Summer

I found this post on the "drafts" file of my blog. I never finished it--therefore it never got posted. So here I am attempting to recall this Summer of 2015, which was a lot of fun for the family.

We had a family wedding to attend in Washington that June, so I took advantage of the trip and decided to spend some weeks of July (and the rest of the summer) in New York.

The kids were thrilled to be in New York and watch as many shows.  It's one of our favorite things to do as a family.

As we were in New York for more than a couple of weeks, I also signed the kids up for some fun summer camps.

G attended Camp Broadway, which was a week-long program held in the Chelsea area of New York.

And C joined a two-week program at NYC Guitar School where she learned how to play in a rock band.

Under the leadership of a teacher/band manager, the music students learned how to play together as a group. 

She was signed up as a keyboard player, and it was this experience at NYC Guitar School that piqued her interest in the electric guitar.

Now, she loves her guitar and won't put it down. The piano has become her secondary instrument.

Meanwhile, G's one-week Camp Broadway stint was such a cool program. In a span of 5 short days, they were taught songs and dance moves of a popular Broadway show.   Then they have a final-day performance for all the parents.

This particular summer, they were doing Hairspray!  All the people who are teaching at the camp work in the industry, so the campers really get a feel of how it is to work in a musical theater production.

Their final show consisted of a number of dances and songs which they performed at Symphony Space, on  Broadway and 95th street.

I can't help thinking that me and my friends practice for months on end for our Velada, and these kids accomplish the same thing in 4.5 days--dancing AND singing at the same time. (We are just dancing!)

It was a fun, artistic and creative way to spend the summer. And of course they now both love NY for all the creative things they can experience.

The kids at Camp Broadway also get to watch one matinee show in the middle of the camp week. They were brought to the revival of The King and I which was showing in Lincoln Theater that summer.

As a bonus (and through parent-connections) she was even able to meet the kids of the King and I show, where she interviewed some of them for an article she wrote as a Scholastic Kid Reporter. (But that's another story and another post--IF I remember to do it)


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