Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello Paris!

Paris - 61, originally uploaded by mvpl2.
We're going to be in Paris in about three weeks! Last time I was there was in 2004, six years and thirty pounds ago! I was on the Atkins diet for about 6 months by the time we visited, and I look back a the pictures and just sigh. How nice and thin! Maybe I shouldn't take any photos of myself on this trip. Haha.

The picture above was taken from the top of La Samaritaine Department Store. I had read somewhere that this place had a great view, so I made sure we went one afternoon. We had a relaxing drink there.

We visited in June so the weather was perfect. It was nice and warm so our suitcases were very light with summer clothes. No jackets, not even a sweater. Let me think..why did we go to Paris... Oh yes, hubby had a business trip to Nurburg in Germany, and Paris was a short drive away. So we flew into Paris, stayed a few days and then drove to Nurburg in a rental car. Then after the business trip, back to Paris for a couple of more days.
Paris - 19
This time we are coming from Madrid (after a Northern Spain road trip) to catch a plane in Paris, so decided it might be good idea to stay a couple or three nights. I booked a one-bedroom apartment at the 4th--the Marais. I've always had good luck with vacation rentals and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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