Friday, January 30, 2015

An Enchanted Evening at Sardine, Bali

Yesterday a friend asked me the name of the restaurant we went to in Bali last year.

I'm usually able to remember these details specially with the aid of this blog. Then I realized that  I haven't updated the blog is a very long time. I don't think I even wrote about this trip except for one post about Villa Kalimaya.

Anyway, one advantage of looking back at an experience is that distance cuts out the non-essentials. I'll only write about the things that stand out.

So here's what I remember...

Sardine is one  big open-air pavilion made of bamboo. The mood-setting low lights made everyone look radiant.

The restaurant was created by a chef and an interior designer wife, which is probably why the details are well thought of.


The pond at the entrance is filled with only white koi--very nice effect.

Back at the table, my view faced the gorgeous lounge area in front of the rice field.

Truthfully, I don't remember the food even if I have pictures. I think it was overshadowed by the stunning design elements, the ambience, my radiant companions,

and more importantly by the conversation around the table.

I think this is what I had--fresh, healthful, sensible.

The open area was too enticing to resist. Right after dinner we moved outside for dessert and coffee.

But I think we had drinks instead and just continued talking.

If only this bougainvillea tree could talk...what stories would it tell?

Wait, a bougainvillea "tree"?!  I can hear mom's voice. "how did it become a tree"?
Here's an undershot just for you, mom!  There's a frame under guiding the branches.

And look at the photo on this link of what the frame looked like before it was a tree.

Sorry I can't seem to tell you more about the food nor the service. I think it was all good. I just know we enjoyed being with each other here and we have good memories of this enchanted evening under the bougainvillea tree.

Jalan Petiteget No. 21
Kerobokan, Bali 80361
Tel +62 361 8436333


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