Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bathers' Pavilion in Mosman, Sydney

Bathers' Pavilion is another beautifully located restaurant we visited.  The restaurant is housed in a historical building right on Balmoral Beach, in Mosman, an upscale residential suburb of Sydney. There are two sides to the restaurant. The left side is a little more formal.


Beyond the leather chairs is the more formal part of the restaurant. We had lunch on the right, the cafe side.

Lita also had a stint here, working in the kitchen and the kiosk. This is also where she started in pastry. Of course she has even more interesting kitchen stories about Bathers. She really can write a book with all her stories.

I had a seared fish on top of a very delicious parsley risotto.

And we also shared a pizza. We actually had quite a healthful meal--look at the bowl of steamed dark green veggies served with lemon. It's not mine! I finished all my risotto.

The view from the restaurant is really beautiful too.

The owner and executive chef of the restaurant, Serge Dansereau, has a number of cookbooks to his name.

The kiosk outside serves take-away coffee, salads and other food so lots of people come by and pick up picnic stuff here. The beach looked empty today but Lita said the kiosk really gets busy.

Above the dining room, on the second floor, is a function room for banquets. This was a sample of a wedding set up.

On the other side of the pavilion, across the function room, there was an ongoing art exhibit of artist Gordon Rossiter which included lot of impressionistic scenes of Balmoral beach.

We only had a short time in Sydney this time, otherwise we would've visited many other restaurants. I better lose some weight before my next visit there!

Bathers' Pavilion
4 The Esplanade, Balmoral Beach
tel +61 2 9969 5050

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-g. said...

Wow! This place is really wonderful, hope I can visit there someday :)


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