Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Chaos

 Christmas 2008. The year we were moving house.
I was too dizzy to have a proper Christmas tree. See that palmera with balls behind?

The last three weeks has been a blur, with all the Christmas preparations going on (hence the lack of posts)  Christmas in Manila takes on a different level--it's a mixture of excitement, mayhem, stress, and warm fuzzy feelings.  Just last night I got together with yet another group of friends. People I don't see throughout the year, but on Christmas, when everybody is home for the holidays, we make a special effort to have a Christmas meal together. Then we always wonder why we don't see each other more often.

 Christmas 2007

But in the next few hours everything will start to peak. Lots of excitement and cheer until tomorrow night--family reunions and exchanging presents. The kids are very excited.

Poundcakes all baked and delivered. Presents are all wrapped and beneath the tree.  I should be doing my last minute preparations--a final trip to the supermarket and a couple of more deliveries still need to be made--but can't seem get away from my iPhoto, looking over Christmases past and seeing how the kids are growing up too fast. Boohoohoo!

Christmas 2006

But the spinach dip calls. Merry Christmas to all... and see you in the lull before the New Year!

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Carla Aston said...

So precious! They do grow up fast. Happy New Year!


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