Monday, January 16, 2012

Albufeira Oceanview

The view of the Atlantic ocean from the cliffs of the Albufeira is impressive. These are the grounds of the Sheraton Algarve Hotel, which is part of the Pine Cliff Resort--a hotel and timeshare property in the Albufeira, south of Portugal.

The property has extensive grounds and a lot of rooms so it's usually booked for big corporate events during the off season. A couple of viewing decks hug the edge of the property offering a fantastic view of the ocean while the beach below is accessible through a 3-storey scenic elevator.

It's quite a walk from the base of the elevator to the beach--but at least it's all down hill.

What a beautiful, deserted beach!

It's winter in this side of the world right now, but since this area of Portugal lies low on the equator compared to the rest of Europe, it has the mildest climate this time of year. Temperatures range from 16 to 19 degrees during the day, and the sun is always out.

The ocean is freezing though, and anyone would be a bit crazy to try to swim in this hypothermic water. During the summer, the ocean is a warmer and the beach has lots of people.

But the activity on the beach was limited to a few older couples who were  trekking the length of the shore, and then disappearing over the rocks on the right. While these older couples were getting fit, guess what we were doing?

Texting people in Manila!

B was probably communicating with his office, and I was texting my sister telling her how to price my things that were going to be in her garage sale. I know...Pa-the-tic.

Maybe resorts should install scramblers on the beach (to silence out phones) just like what they do in some churches. We'll then be forced to focus on the things around us instead of automatically reaching for our phones whenever it beeps.

Imagining the brave voyagers who left these shores hundreds of years ago is certainly more fascinating than pricing gently-used Pottery Barn dinnerware for eight.

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