Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let's Hang...

 photo from Apartment Therapy

The girls have always wanted a hanging chair in their bedroom. I've only seen elongated hanging chairs made of rattan on the roadside going to Batangas. My friend Sandy bought a two-seater hanging chair from them, and we love sitting on it in her beach house.

Then I saw this acrylic bubble chair in Singapore. Apparently it's an iconic piece of furniture originally designed in 1968 by Eero Aarno. From the website links, I learned that the price of one of these original bubbles was $4900! Whaaat?

I don't suppose the one I saw in Singapore was an original bubble, because they have similar bubbles being sold online for about $300, made in China. The Eero Aarno website has such a cheekily-worded page on "Asian fakes" that makes me want to go out and buy a fake one right now. I know it's the opposite of what they intend, but that that's the effect of mindless and sarcastic text.

Ideal minimalist bedroom

The ones on the roadside to Batangas look more like this one pictured above, which is a bit bulky, and definitely not minimalist.

These rattan egg-shaped chairs might fit better in their bedroom since it looks narrower, and it will satisfy their need to "hang."

 Bohemian fun

Those roadside shops might be happy to custom-make one for me. Then I'll be the proud owner of an original hand-crafted hanging chair, instead of a smug owner of an acrylic copy, or worse, a penniless  owner of an original Aarno.

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