Monday, August 20, 2012

Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais, Le Marais


I found reviews online that lead me to this charming little hotel in the Marais. It looked like something I would appreciate--filled with antiques, chandeliers and Provencal-type furnishings. They also gave me a price break when I inquired about the rates online. This was only a two-night stopover in Paris, so renting an apartment (which is something I prefer, but usually requires a 7-night stay) was not an option.

Too bad Bea wasn't going to be in Paris this weekend. I've gotten used to having a French-speaking cousin beside me all the time that I've become too lazy to learn even a few basic French words (but that's going to change soon!). N'est-ce pas?

 The lobby of Caron de Beaumarchais

The hotel is as quaint as their website and the reviews describe. There were French antiques, daintily-printed wallpaper in the halls, and a beautiful chandelier in our rustic room. The lady at the reception desk was also very  warm and gracious.

The hotel offered free wi-fi unlike some bigger chain hotels that still charge a daily internet fee. B likes alternative-type hotels too, but his taste leans towards modern and retro, while mine is rustic and antique. Watching him connect his laptop in our room though, against flowery drapery and lady-sized furniture, made me think I overdid it this time.

This is a girlie-girl type of hotel--the type I should book when it's a girls' trip, or maybe when I'm with my daughters. Everything was just too...floral and dainty.

The "historic" thing about this hotel is its name; Pierre-Augustine Caron de Beaumarchais is the author of the "Marriage of Figaro" and 'The Barber of Seville". The location of the hotel was also the breeding ground of the revolution. Other than that, the hotel is just a charming theme hotel. Good thing it's in Paris, or it would look contrived.

 Breakfast room
The hotel is located right in the Marais, an area I love exploring. We could be out late into the night and just slip back into the hotel. And even when the rest of Paris shuts down on Sundays, shops in the Marais are open and the streets have lots of action. The closest Metro is only 4 blocks away, either at Hotel de Ville or Saint Paul.

I look forward to another trip to Paris, and yet another discovery. I'm glad B is game for anything, and lets me plan everything as I wish, even if it means ending up in an uber-dainty girlie-girl hotel.

Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais
12, rue Vieille du Temple 
75004 Paris

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