Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vivid Sydney 2013

June 10 was the last day of Vivid Sydney and Lita was glad we were going to catch it.

There were so many people out that night, it felt like Hong Kong, not Sydney. Here below was my most favorite light show. The lights stayed perfectly on the building perimeter and the graphics were superb.

The facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art

Some light installations were interactive. This one below at Cadman's House allowed you to choose a facade on an i-Pad-like gadget. Families with kids were lining up to try creating their own design on the building.

You could then email your creation to your friends.

Meanwhile, my tropical kids were freezing. We weren't properly dressed because Sydney was not supposed to be this cold!

This a pop-up bar drew them in,  specially with the rubic's cube-inspired bar.

I liked this one  below most of all because of the funky color combinations.  The illuminated show would run for few minutes then loop and play over again.

Aside from illuminated buildings, there were other kinds of light installations.

There was still lots to see, but we were KJs so Lita and Nikki walked to the Opera House without us.  We waited here on this bench until they came back.

Too bad we were too tired and cold to go to Darling Harbour. There was lots more happening there and it was also the last night.

Anyway, it was nice of Sydney to welcome us with open...lights. Now if we were only we were more gracious guests...

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