Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Law of Attraction

Do you believe in visualization, the law of attraction, and the saying that "the mind thinks in pictures"?

This image of St. Mark's Square in Venice has been my wallpaper since last year. I snapped it off a magazine ad because I hoped it would encourage me to paint again, and not because it was Venice.

A memorable birthday in Venice!

There was no plan to go to Italy then, and even if there was a chance to go, Venice was an unlikely destination. 

Then just before summer, someone started talking about a(n extended family) trip to Italy--Rome and Tuscany in particular. B mentioned in passing too that he had never been to Venice.  I went with the flow and when it was time to add a few days to our trip while everyone else went their own way, Venice ended up on our itinerary. 

We had been here two days before I noticed the connection-- "Hey, this *is* St. Mark's Square on my phone!" I know, hello, right?

So I tell B, "Look! The universe is speaking to me! Look at the picture on my phone, and now we're right here!!" His reaction was tepid--"uh, of course, you planned the trip!"

"No, no--you don't get it.  I didn't even think "Venice" when I saved the wallpaper, and traveling to Italy was not even a remote possibility then! My subconscious and the universe led us here!"

Blank, my-wife-is-nuts-look on B's face.

B's reaction didn't dampen my thoughts about the connection.

You see, if I had my way, we would be in Provence and not in Venice. I was desperately trying to get us to St. Remy de Provence from Rome, but after weeks of searching for accommodations (it was booked solid!) and getting frustrated over non-existent direct train connections, I removed St. Remy from the plan and considered Venice.

Venice was unusually easy to plan. Logistics fell into place effortlessly:  my first choice apartment was available, the train connections were convenient and even the dates were correct (we were going to be in Venice on B's birthday--he, who had not been to Venice yet!)

After I looked at my phone's image again, I was convinced my subconscious and the universe created a force even greater than my desire! (I'm beginning to sound nuts even to myself)

But I've always believed that saying "if you can visualize it, it will happen", and often I consciously  create images in my mind of things I want to accomplish.   That's the law of attraction, and the law of the universe. I'm just surprised at Venice because this was accidental visualization, not even attached to any desire. Scary stuff.

They say the subconscious is more powerful than the conscious. I therefore have to be more careful of the images I expose myself to!

Lavender fields of Provence. (Happy Birthday C!)

Since my subconscious and the universe seem to be powerful allies, I'm going to take full advantage of that connection, and choose my wallpaper very carefully from now on.

Provence is my wallpaper, and this is my lock screen.


Jayu dejorge said...

I'd like to know when you get your next desire (on your phone)

Marivic said...

If my subconscious brings me those abs, you bet you'll all hear about it!


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