Friday, November 1, 2013

Just Call Me...Martha!

I've had this collection of blue and white plates stashed in my cabinet for so long and I finally decided to do something with them. 

I found some cakestand hardware online and ordered a few sets. It arrived in the mail with these complicated instructions on how to drill centered holes.

I read everything, carefully followed the instructions, and tried to mark the plates.

Then I handed the pattern guide to my carpenter so he could do the same. Instead, he didn't even bother with the instructions and did his own thing.

He measured across the plate, taped the center, and started drilling away. 

I was still reading the instructions and marking plates and he had already drilled a few. Sometimes instructions make things more complicated.

The plates are quite old, some more than the others-- but they are not precious-old.

 I collected them over a span of a few years and many are from eBay. I love all the patterns.

And now the exciting part--assembling.  I don't know if I threaded them correctly.

Et voila!

Now that I have all these tiered plates, I try to use them whenever I can.

And here they are in action...

So perfect for serving little snacks, cupcakes, and 

Sometimes I amaze myself with my (or ok, my carpenter's) crafty skills. Martha would be proud.


Nicole said...

oh i so love this!!!

Marivic said...

Nicole--it's so sweet and girlie, and appreciated! "Mom, can we use your teacup collection, and can we have flowers..." Soon you can do this for Carolina!

pam said...

you're so creative! I love the what you did with the plates:)

Eileen said...

Love them!


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