Monday, January 26, 2009

When Are You Moving In?

I Hate this question. Why do people always ask if the house is done (well it SHOULD be by now!) because it just adds to the stress. It's like when you are not married--"so, when are you getting married?", then "so, when are you having kids?", then "so when are you having a next one?". I guess it's just a conversation starter but it's so irritating.

Because I DO want it done! But you don't want to hear my story about workers who can't seem to get things right, or subcontractors who do such poor work, or perhaps my obsessive-compulsiveness that keeps me fussing about every little thing which may not matter once I move in.

Then there's the actual "moving" that's stressing me out. My current place is full of things that should've been sorted out years ago. Now, just decluttering is overwhelming me.  My hair is falling out in fistfuls and I just read in some blog that it would be good to take prenatal vitamins to keep it from falling out.

Move is this week (if you MUST know). Wish us luck!

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