Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jars in Silang

This is a new vendor along the road going to Nasugbu again. Beautiful jars all over the place! I stopped to inquire because the only other outlet I know is that along the Mandaluyong bridge.

These are the jars that are usually specified by landscape artists like Budji and Ponce. They're not cheap--the ones I asked about were 5-7k pesos and the big ones can go up to 25k. They are all imported from Vietnam! 

Well guess what, they are the SAME guys who are in Mandaluyong! The shop is called "8 Corners" or eight something, I forgot. Just like the furniture guys who are from all over Luzon, but who set up along the road to Nasugbu, these guys got smart and also set up here. I think they've figured that a lot of their customers are those who have beach homes along the Nasugbu coast!

They cleared a pineapple field and are renting the space for only 15k a month. They guy told me that they have more containers arriving and they will be able to finally unload them all--so expect even more jars!

They don't look like anything laid out this way--but one or two jars in a beautiful setting..

Bamboo Beach in Kawayan Cove. I barely got the jar in the photo--but it's on the right side

These jars are super heavy so they're not worried about it being stolen from the roadside. At least they're halfway to Nasugbu already, for those who are buying for their beach homes.

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