Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mirror Mirror...

This is from the Vogue Interiors book

I'm looking for a mirror for my living room, and I want one which looks like this one above. It's gold, it's simple all around with a focal point on the top.  Infact, if I can get an old one with matching ghosts like the ones in the Paris flea market, I would love it. I'm still figuring out how to ship something like this back home, and I wonder if it is even worth it.
I almost fainted when I saw this shop. I just want one...okay, maybe two?

The ones in this shop were between 2k euro to 9k euro! Eegads. Those ghosts are expensive. How can these all be antiques--reproductions perhaps? I don't know too much about the shops in the Paris flea market and if these are real antiques or Egyptian reproductions. For all I know, they come from Pampanga? hehe.  These ones below were lower than 2k because they hadn't been restored.

I like the one in the middle

In Dalat Vietnam, they had French-looking mirrors all over the Sofitel Dalat Palace. I loved the overall ambience, but don't look too closely, because then it will scream "tacky".  It doesn't have that elegant gilt old-world look its supposed to have. There were a lot of impressionist reproductions hanging on the walls too--again, very well executed, but don't look too close.

Sofitel hallway mirror

Too gold and a bit too much with the too-curly console

The whole hotel has a French colonial theme--well, Dalat is supposed to be "Little Paris" as it was the French who discovered and developed the place in the early 1900's, the way the Americans built up Baguio for us.
In every corner and landing, there was a different mirror and console set up. This is a bit better.

I want something carved out of solid wood and gilded after. Vietnam has a lot of French influence so it's only natural for them to reproduce these things in the proper proportions. I'm sure the Pampanga woodworkers have these mirrors too, I just haven't had the time to check them out. Maybe when it's not too hot anymore, I'll make a trip there!

Love this look--the chandelier, the mirror on the left with non-matching console

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