Monday, July 5, 2010

The Allure of a Gallery Wall

I love the look of a gallery wall--it's casual, relaxed, intimate. I definitely like it more than one big painting. With a gallery wall, there are so many "stories" that can be told, making it much more interesting.

The current post on this blog reminded me that I have to hang up my frames. I have nothing up on the walls yet after being in this house for a year now, plus I have 4 or 5 places where I can create these art walls.

For the den, I'm planning to put up the vintage and antique frames I've collected over the years, which are now gathering dust (have been gathering dust) in the garage. I'll put some of my own paintings and sketches in some,  I'll put mirror in a couple, and then leave some blank--just the frame.

At the JK Capri. Photo from here

Oh look, there's that garden stool again in this photo with the baby grand. Most of these photos (unless tagged) come from this wonderful blog. Ally, the blog author has an obsession with gallery walls so she's collected photos and posted them in her site. I think it's a nicely curated collection and will help me when I finally decide to hang my stuff!

I don't think I can go wild with the installation--simply because it gets too dusty around here. Can you imagine having to wipe down these frames every other day or even once a week?

Something organized like a grid is easy to do. Maybe I'll do this for the girls' room, with black and white photos of them over the years?

I had friends in Milan who would pick up old discarded frames from the sidewalk and hang them on their den wall. It was instant art. Both of them were talented artists who had an eye for these things.  


Even a few well-placed frames makes a big impact. I like this instead of a whole lot of small assorted frames. This photo above is from Ally's own home, featured on Design Sponge.

I love the balance of the display above--with a grouping of smaller frames on the left balanced by a bigger frame on the right.



I just better start gathering my frames and hang those things up once and for all!


The Antiques Diva™ said...

I love the gallery wall idea... I've used it in my living room and I often recommend it to clients as it is a sensational way to show off ecelctic collections!

domesticgoddess said...

I completely agree. The gallery wall is so much more interesting then one big painting. I like the combination of the two styles in a room for dimension. Great images by the way!


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