Sunday, July 4, 2010

Do You Own a Garden Stool?


It's versatile and it adds a punch of color. These Chinese garden stools have been around us so long that I've never really paid attention to them. Doesn't help either that I only remember them in blue and white or glazed green.


Then since a couple of years back, they kept appearing in shelter magazines and in design blogs. They were being used for everything else but the garden.


But look how it adds an accent color to this setting above. It's actually the focal point.


It can also disappear into nothingness and just be there as a practical place to put down a drink.


This is much more interesting than a teak or all-weather rattan table between the two deck loungers.

I'm excited to see if I can find them here--I haven't even looked yet. I remember seeing a couple of colored ones in Dimensione a couple of months back. 
There's a black one like this on the Dimensione website too.

And again the focal point of this  outdoor patio setting.

I want to get myself one--a yellow one for my deck, to add that color accent.  If you know where I can buy this locally, let me know!


domesticgoddess said...

Hey there. My , my you have certainly been prolific these past few months! Pressure to get my a** moving and hurry up with my posts. I love garden stools. Always have. A real antique celadon one is one of my "have to have" items. Am also having a pair made in Cebu in brown penshell. I got one for each of my girl's bathrooms in dimensione.

Anonymous said...

Hi, got a blue-on-white pair from Landmark (chose this over a white-on-blue) at P1250 per. The size of them, I think, is like the smaller ones they have at Dimensione.


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