Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warm versus Cool

This is what I had in mind for the bathroom renovation. I'm only looking at the marble counter color and the contrasting white cabinets. I've always liked Emperador dark brown because it's "old world". So naturally, to get a nice light effect, I was going to pair it with white tiled walls and an beige tiled floor.

The look of white cabinets, after having dark or beige ones, is a refreshing change and will create a major impact. It also works the other way around. If you're tired of your white cabinets, do wood grain in modern straight lines. it'll be a welcome change. Going from dark to light, and from light to dark--It's all just a cycle.

 I totally love this cool blue-grey look

Anyway, mom mentioned that she really likes her blue-grey towels and bathmats and wants to continue using that color for a looong time. Ooops, that's a totally different color temperature. Here I was  thinking of something warm, and she was thinking of something cool (but didn't express it that way).  So much for "communicating with your client".  Blue accessories desired, therefore it shall be a cool color scheme!

I would never think of blue for me because I just naturally gravitate to warmer colors--yellows, mustard, ochre, burnt sienna, beiges, etc. After some online image research I see the possibilities. It really looks cool and relaxing. The walls in this bathroom look like Carrara marble while here they call it Kolakata marble (one supplier called it that, and spelled it that way too). I know Romblon marble looks just like it too. I would use it sparingly though, just for the countertops and maybe baseboards, otherwise the bathroom might looks like a mauseleum!

We will be able to fit in a dressing counter with an upholstered stool underneath so it will be nice to play with a print similar to this, and slip-covered with white terrycloth.

And this above is very similar to the layout of the current bathroom. Looks very promising. So it's decided,  everything will just be a cool white and the accent colors will be the towels, bathmats and other accessories.  If I use a rainshower, we might not even need a door, so it will just be open. For a woman's bathroom though, I prefer an adjustable-height telephone shower on a bar, for those days that you want a quick shower without having to shampoo your hair (the guys don't get this concept).

blue photos are from here.

Now to scout for some chrome faucets and lighting fixtures.  I already have some in mind.


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Nicole said...

M - i totally agree with you about the need for an adjustable shower head for the non shampoo showers. i actually have both - the rainshower and the adjustable one (tho mine is telephone style vs. bar) because the rainshower is too delicious to give up!


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