Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Color Yellow

Saving these sofa photos for future inspiration. I like the tufted look and the yellow accents. Don't remember where I got the photo above, It's been in my file forever.

These photos here (except for the last one) are from in interior design firm called The Wiseman Group, but I pulled it out of one of the design blogs I  check out every now and then, called Verdigris Vie

I like the subtle tufting of the sofas. Also love the bright, airy quality of this room.  No draperies, just clean lines that show off the window and French door details.

The same color scheme is brought outside. This house is in the Tiburon Peninsula in California so you can imagine hanging out here very comfortably. In a hot climate, there's only a small window of time you'd be able to use it.

I would love to have an outdoor trellis like this. The veranda of the Canoe Club in Honolulu is covered with a trellis similar to this.

Canoe Club's trellis

It looks like the wooden beams are inside a sturdier frame of formed concrete. Honolulu doesn't get much harsher weather than California, but it's much more humid and this trellis is right by the ocean. The vine or tree that has grown on top of it is also very massive so the concrete can support the weight easily.

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