Friday, June 4, 2010

My Future Beach House

Kawayan Cove in Nasugbu

Eye candy in cool colors. Look at all the shades of blue and green above and see why they inspire interiors such as these.

Specially now, when most homes are here are  mostly "modern asian" with white, beiges and browns, wouldn't it be nice to have something different? Colorful, playful...yet sophisticated.

I would entertain you on my back porch, overlooking the South China Sea. I will serve you fresh coconut juice in their shells, and you will hang out with me until the sun goes down.

Then you will go home to your house next door, since we'll be neighbors. And we will have lots of fun as our families create memories together.

(Interior are shots from here)

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Julienne said...

Vicki thank you for visiting. Love your pics. You are way, way ahead of me I don't know how the comments appear the way they do they just did! I really really want to know how to do the 'you might also like thing' but I fear it involves HTML which is totally beyond me. Vicki anything that happens on my blog just happens or in tonights case nothing happens! It won't let me post!!!!
Have fun, till next time J


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