Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Children's Castle, Tokyo

The National Children's Castle or Kodomo no Shiro is another place just for children. It's very close to the Jido kaikan, and near the Omotesando mall. This place has a number floors also with lots of things to do--workshops, computers, book and video libraries, open playgrounds, large halls, theaters and more.

The kids spent most of the time playing with two expat kids in the mini-kitchen on the third floor while their moms chatted away with each other. Across the hall on the same floor is the Fine Arts Studio. Here again they spent a lot of time painting on this long white board with different colors of poster paint. I thought this idea was ingenious--a very simple idea, but with maximum impact on the kids. Imagine the freedom of being able to splatter all kinds of paint on a wall--they were thrilled.

Also in the same room was the 'project-of-the-day', creating simple masks. Behind this creative room was a room full of computers with video games. We spent our last remaining minutes here until closing time, leaving still a big area of the Children's Castle unexplored.

When we talk about Japan, the kids mention the Jido kaikan and the Children's Castle (aside from Disneysea of course). I know they will always have good memories of Japan, having experienced special places created specifically for kids. 

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