Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking for Nice Lockers?

Lockers have become stylish over the past decade 
because of the proliferation of high end spas. 
Most clubs have upgraded to wooden lockers, and steel lockers are usually 
now only found in the most functional settings like gyms, schools and offices. 
But for lifestyle-type applications, these are some of those I saw online.

The Shanghai Peninsula Spa locker room

With cold bottled water in a little fridge

Spinner to remove excess water from swimsuits

Upgrading to wooden lockers make locker rooms more elegant.
Lots of them don't even use keys anymore. 
You punch in your security code et voila! 
Works just like a room safe in a hotel room.

This is at a resort in Hawaii, so it has a relaxed tropical feel.  
They used louvered locker doors which is perfect for tropical weather. 
Individual dressing tables make the room cozier too.

With plain, simple doors for a sleeker look

More S-shaped paneled lockers...
And this is what it looks like inside

This is a very functional layout, 
back to back with sinks (or I should say "front-to front"). 
Again louvered doors. Granite counter is contrasted by a rustic bench.

With mood lighting--nice!

You still have to be careful though because lockers can give a false sense of security
It's still wise not to leave any real valuables in it--just in case!

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Karena said...

Very nice and I can imagine a lot of uses Vicki!

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