Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Look!

I wish I could say that the "new look" referred to me, but with the Christmas holidays, no way. I should be eating this healthful delicious salad here--haricot verts with thin curls of foie gras--instead of all the poundcake that is being baked now at home (it's called "pound" cake for a reason!). Nope, the new look is an experiment on the blog!

I've been in touch with fellow bloggers who have been critiquing my blog (I know, I know, a proper blogger should be linking at this point--but I'm rushing out the door so I'll do a proper post on this later), and wanted to do some changes right away.

If you are one of my ten loyal readers, can you please tell me what you think of this lay-out? Those of you who get my posts by email, tsk tsk, you are missing so much!! I still have to design my header and all the fun design stuff. But kids have to be picked up from school, lunch with a girlfriend, Christmas shopping, workers in the house, visit the office, Barangay Xmas party tonight... I have to get off this computer ahora mismo!!!

I'll get there...hopefully in these last two weeks of 2010~


MaryWig said...

I especially like your additions to the About Me. I didn't know if you were independently wealthy and just traveling randomly or what. Now I understand! I love your profile picture, but I want a *real* picture of you somewhere. Is that you in the cookwinner pix maybe?

p.s. I want to make those cinnamon rolls too! - you know what would be funny? If we decided to make them on the same day and then posted about them and linked to each other. I have next week off if you want to give it a whirl one day. Simul-cooking.

Marivic said...

I'm too shy to come out in my blog, but I've overcoming that slowly. Yes, that's me in the cookbook post with the book we published--I changed the caption to reflect that.

As for the simul-baking. Too much food in the house now for Christmas but that would be too cool to pass up. Let's do it! Tell me what date so I can be prepared with my camera and I can post right after.

Anonymous said...

Hey there ! Checked back into your blog. I have been away for so long....It is difficult to tell how it compares, because the old look was not bad either !!! But, yes, this one is nice, clean and crisp.
All that pound cake pictures made me want cake now...so, I should be sure not to check in on an empty stomach !! ;-))
Anyway - will keep looking for those simul-cooking pics of you two !!


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