Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clean Paws!

Look who came to the house today! I saw this van in the village a week before and promptly copied the phone number to make an appointment. I was really looking for another grooming service for our schnauzer since the last grooming place I was using wasn't doing a good job.

I used to send Mochi to this place along Pasong Tamo Extension, but the last time I picked her up after a grooming session, I found the three employees watching a movie on an iPod with the sound blasting from attached speakers! It was ten minutes to closing time and they didn't seem to notice that the last three dogs waiting to be fetched (Mochi included) were freaking out in their cages. When I arrived and told them that the dogs were so scared, the groomers didn't even feign concern. It was the cashier who apologized and told the guys to lower the volume. Mochi jumped out of her cage and into my arms trembling and I decided then and there never to come back to this place.

Mochi wasn't really due for a cut yet, but I was excited for the van to come over so I could try them out.

They arrived promptly at the appointed time. They needed to plug into an electrical outlet in my garage to power the van's air-conditioner and the blow dryer. The interior of the van was neat and clean, and spacious enough to accommodate curious kids. 

Our driver and the staff came out to watch the "show" too, and a number of cars stopped by to inquire about their services. The owner of Clean Paws, was in the van too. I was so impressed with this novel idea that I asked her tons of questions.

The mobile pet salon was in response to a challenge she faced. Aside from in-store grooming, Clean Paws provides home service too,  but the groomers don't have an easy time working in homes--sometimes it's  hard to restrain a dog or move around in the space provided. Since her vehicle would bring the groomer to the client, she figured she would just invest in fully-outfitted vehicle!
 the water drains into a tank under the van

In this retrofitted van, all the equipment is custom made so it's the right size and height, and everything's within reach. The groomer can work quickly and in peace. There's even  a built in monitoring system: The apple green van attracts a lot of attention and with its big wide windows, the groomer is on show. He has to be gentle with the pet or it wouldn't look nice to the "audience".

 with two eager assistants

The whole session took an hour--Shave, shampoo, blow-dry, then a finishing cut again. They also clipped Mochi's nails. The full service didn't cost much more than what the movie-loving, sound-blasting grooming salon charges. The nice thing is I didn't have to make a special trip to the groomers, and Mochi didn't have to wait for her turn (or for her pick up) in a cage.

Now, whenever I feel Mochi needs to be groomed, I'll just call Clean Paws to come over. What could be more convenient than that?

 Mochi had her second session today!

They even have a loyalty program. After 4 grooming sessions, Mochi gets one free! (I wish our human salons did the same thing :) I am definitely one happy customer, and I wish the innovative Clean Paws the best of luck with their new service!

 Mochi, before and after!

Clean Paws
Mobile and Shop Pet Grooming
78 Unit F, Estrella corner Zodiac
Bel Air, Makati

Full disclosure: I don't know the owners of Clean Paws and never heard of them until I saw the green van.


Clean Paws said...

Thanks for the wonderful review :)We look forward to grooming your cute Mochi again!

Marivic said...

You've very welcome! The kids love the "show".


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