Friday, April 15, 2011

The Windows of Nepal

One of the first things that jumped out at me as I rode through the streets of Kathmandu was the intricate carved windows that adorned the facades of even the most impoverished homes. I've always been fascinated by the cast iron window treatments in France, as well as the wrought iron windows/balconies in Spain, but I've never seen carved wood windows like these before.

What was intriguing to me was that these windows are so ordinary for them.


So regular, so everyday. You know the saying "it's not everyday that you see..."

Well n Kathmandu, you see this everyday. Everywhere.

I just snapped these shots randomly as a matter of course, in between visiting the heritage sites where the  windows and door treatments in the medieval durbar (old royal palace) squares are even more incredible, like this window below.

These two below were taken around the Boudhanath Stupa (Buddhist temple) area.

But the rest are just old regular homes of the average (and even way below average) Joes of Nepal--or should I say Khrisnas of Nepal?


 (That smoke spot in the picture is not a paranormal image--there's a scratch on my lens that shows up at some angles! Grr! Lita, is this fixable?)

Amazing craftsmanship, don't you think?


pamela said...

these are really fantastic! I also love the window treatments in france and spain. I didn't realize this is commonplace in Nepal. Great shots Marivic!

Lori said...

Love the windows!

Do you know of anyone that would like to buy one of these windows??? I have one that's quite old, an antique. It's very, very beautiful and very big..all hand carved. Would make a spectacular piece to add to the collection of someone who appreciates their beauty and history.

Please email me to discuss further.


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