Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paris in August?

 Freezing in March

That's always a big question. Half the people I ask, including my cousin who lives there, says "No" (That's also because she won't be there!) Then there's the other half that say, "Yes! It's still Paris!"

Most Parisians leave the city in August to take their annual vacation.  A few years ago, our July trip in Paris went into the first week of August and I didn't notice anything different. But a few recent emails back and forth to a respected dealer at the Clignancourt flea market revealed that she and other dealer friends will be out of town from the "second week of August til the 29th", and that the flea market will of course be open, but will be "quieter" in August. 

Me and my cousin Bea, probably texting one of our moms

One nice thing about traveling to Europe during their summer that we can travel light and packing is easy. Being from a tropical country, it's always a bit stressful to travel in the winter because packing requires more thinking--what sweaters to bring, what coats to use on top of cocktail dresses, what kind of shoes to pack. Sometimes I'm already overweight and I haven't even left!

At Porte de Vanves last week of July

This thread below is cut-and-pasted from Fodors online Forum, which I always click through before a trip. The original poster is not me, but I'm asking the same question right now, just in case there are any new answers. Anyone else with helpful input?

Paris in August? Please Help Me Decide...

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I am supposed to leave in a little over a week for a last minute weeklong solo trip to Paris. But....I am having serious second thoughts about going due to always hearing that one should not go to Paris in August as "everything" is closed and the city is dead, etc.

Can someone with knowledge on this subject please advise as to what the real situation is. Are most restaurants closed? Patisseries, Boulangeries, Stores, Boutiques, etc. Please note that one of the reasons I love Paris is the food, and I have been able to book some restaurants that remain open, though I wonder if the chefs will be in town - I suspect not.

I have heard such conflicting things I do not know whether to go or to postpone my trip. I have been to Paris several times, and I love it. I am going to be in Paris next April, and I am just wondering if I should try to go somewhere else, or maybe limit my time in Paris and maybe add another city to my trip, or try to do a completely different trip.

(I also prefer cooler weather to hot weather, but as long as it is not brutally hot and humid, I'll be fine; if I am going to travel in August, I will have to deal with this in many possible destinations)

As you can tell, I am confused...and the time is getting very short to make any changes or cancelations...Thank you for your help.

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Saira said...

No input from me today but WOW and she finally shows herself to the world! :D Will check your backlog of posts to see if this is your first. Milestone right here! :)

Marivic said...

Hahaha Sam. Low res and far away, so okay lang. Most important is thin!

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