Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Chandelier Medallion

Let me take a break from all the travel posts to show you my new chandelier medallion. (Don't mind the wires, it's not 100% installed). I always felt my chandelier lacked something and never thought I'd find a medallion I liked "off-the-rack". Then I happened upon this...

I liked this medallion as soon as I saw it.  I thought that it would be a problem to install on a gypsum ceiling, but I guess not! I had carpenters building shelves at home, it was easy to add on their "to-do" list.

They removed the chandelier from the ceiling and suspended it from the trellis outside the house while they attached the medallion. The contrast of a chandelier on the deck was very interesting.

Maybe I can hang a small chandelier above the deck loungers. I'm now excited to look for a small antique chandelier!

 Maybe a three-bulb version of something like this?


Nicole said...


gabby said...

How you doin' Marivic.
where'd find your medallion??
we're looking for a couple of those.

gabby and madelyn de paula

Marivic said...

Would you believe Wilcon Builders in Makati, for only P600 thereabouts?


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