Friday, April 9, 2010

My Custom Chandelier

After months of procrastinating, I finally gave the go signal for it to be made. It took about 60 days to complete, I think more. Then Monica came over and had it installed. That's her husband there checking on the crystals. Monica has made tons of chandeliers for people in the last 15 or twenty years. Sadly, she didn't document them! I told her she could have a coffee table book by now! I'm amazed at her talent and artistry. She also does wall finishes and furniture finishing. Again, she hasn't kept records of the projects she's done. Sayang!

I told her the shape I wanted, and to use the french biscuit crystals. I thought the wrought iron was a bit too stiff-looking in the beginning, but then it has that modern edge to it. The chandelier I saw in Paris, even if I'm in love with it, might make my house a bit too dramatic. And besides, I haven't figured out how to ship stuff home from Paris!

I'm excited and want to have more things done with Monica. I'm now looking over my old furniture and figuring out which pieces she can refinish. Also looking for a hall mirror and I've seen many nice mirrors in her workshop. Or maybe this time I should wait until I can figure out how to ship one home from one of those flea markets! 


tashie's mommy said...

I love their chandeliers - actually, I love all their stuff! I think Sandro and her should have a shop!

Vicki said...

Yes, a shop--but I think they should have a book! I told her to call me when she makes her next chandelier so I can document her creative process from start to finish, and post it on this blog. They are both such talented artists!

Orquidea said...

PLEASE let me know the contact info for Monica! I LOVE your chandelier, I'm currently in the middle of remodeling my home and would love to touch base w/ her!


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