Monday, April 19, 2010

Banh Xeo in Saigon

When we were in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), our friend Ly who lives there brought us to Wrap n' Roll for lunch. It was bright and attractive with its lime green decor. When the food came, it matched the decor perfectly so it was a pleasant site--nothing clashing--haha.. Wrap n' Roll is comfortable casual dining--and the food is fresh and healthful. 

Btw, see that coconut drink in the picture? Nice, smooth and bald--I'm talking about physical characteristics, not the taste. I wonder how they get them that bald. Even the coconuts sold on the streets of Thailand are bald (and I heard they are roasted, that's why it the drink has some sort of smokey roasted flavor). I only see Philippine ones served with the full green husk either as a drink, or as a bowl for ice cream. Okay, once in a while it is de-husked, but not as clean as the ones in Vietnam of Thailand. Do they have  special way of doing it ?  Our bald one is the niyog--the one that's scraped for the gata. But that's also hairy.

Anyway, back to the Banh Xeo...Ly taught us how to eat it properly--you wrap a chunk of it inside a lettuce leaf, garnish with other green things, roll up, dip and enjoy.We ate a lot of other things but it this was my favorite of all.

One thing nice about Vietnamese food is it uses a lot of greens, and is hardly ever oily. Wonderful combination of flavors. 

Wrap n Roll
62 Hai Ba Trung Rd.
District 1, HCM City

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