Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wow Thailand, and I'm only at the Airport!

Thailand tourism or airport authority really has their act together. On a quick trip to Koh Samui in 2008, I was amazed at the development I saw. Firstly, landing in that huge modern airport in Bangkok after not being there for a few years was shocking. Wasn't I in Bangkok just a few years back?When did they get a new airport? Where I come from, airports take decades to complete--and then it doesn't even open!  On the way to the Bangkok Air gate for my connection, I checked out the new stores and cafes.

When I  finally got to the gate, I was surprised to see a colorfully designed waiting lounge which I thought was for business class passengers. What airline is this again? Bangkok Airways? I never took this airline before so had no idea what kind of service it had.

What is not obvious is that the lounge is open to all passengers no matter what class you are flying. There were a couple of American families outside telling their kids not to go in, so I wasn't the only one confused. I went in anyway and realized it was an equal opportunity lounge!  There were assorted canapes, fruit and even popcorn. Interesting lounge fare.

I boarded the plane for Koh Samui feeling good about Bangkok Airways and loving Thailand even more. Then I land in Koh Samui and another WOW. Now THIS is what provincial airports should look like--the concept of resort architecture in an airport. Open air and relaxed an free Wi-fi even! Now I am in an even better mood. Galeng. Wow Thailand!

Koh Samui is nice, but I wasn't blown away. Our beaches are even more beautiful than Koh Samui's and the our resorts are also world class. Now if only we had the proper infrastructure to support this. Hay naku. Thrilled for Thailand, and sad for us.

Goodbye Koh Samui


โฉมงาม ประการังแค said...

i'm doing report about the airport for bangkok airline. looking up in google and see your block which is nice, seem like your enjoy the trip a lot ;)

Anonymous said...

I too loved Samui airport, small yet big. I would like to know what part of the Philippines are nicer than Koh Samui. We plan to holiday there, perhaps in Boracay one day but the Philippines aren't a popular holiday destination for Australians...a shame really.


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