Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Carlitos the Sculptor

Still at the Viaje del Sol area, we visited the workshop of Carlitos Ortega, renowned brass sculptor. Carlitos sat us down and gave a very informal ten-minute lecture on art, and how he works with the brass. He is warm and funny and the adults found him very engaging.  He actually retired at the age of 42, to concentrate on his art. He says of course there is not much money in being an artist, but he finds so much fulfillment is happy and content with his decision. After seeing Ugu and Carlitos' art, it really makes me want to pull out those blank canvasses gathering dust in my cluttered garage. I just need a few hectares of open space to plant myself and my easel so I can be happy and content too. hehe.

We didn't get to see the inside of his house, since we were mostly in the workshop area. After his little lecture and demo, we had a little merienda of rice coffee, suman and fruit. I thought to myself "wow, this is really Pinoy hospitality"--turns out we each paid P150 per person for this experience. But it was worth it and I'm glad we scheduled it after our lunch at Ugu's place and not before. Carlito works on commissions but he is also represented by Gallery 9 Manila in SM Megamall.

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