Friday, April 9, 2010

Sissy Boy Homeland

In Amsterdam last summer, we came across this concept store called Sissy-boy Homeland. Strange name for a store and it was at the basement of a little mall. I could see houseware from the first floor so I went down the escalator and was pleasantly surprised.

The store had clothes, toys, fun retro stuff, and then a houseware section like Pottery Barn. There were plates, glasses, knickknacks, and then even furniture and chandeliers! I loved the look of the store and but what struck me were the chandeliers because I wanted one for my dining room. I took some photos for my file until a salesperson told me it wasn't allowed.

Good thing I snapped enough. I couldn't find a chandelier I liked locally so I had one made. It didn't come out exactly how I envisioned it, but I like it a lot still. I have tons of chandelier photos and I'd like to think I finally know what I like about each one--from the silhouette of the chandelier, to the shape of the crystals.  I also love that chair above and realized it a recurring theme in most of my design file photos.

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Aryaman said...

look here: would you give him the honour to be called a sissy boy? Look at the end of this story.


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