Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Matryoshka Dolls

I never thought I'd buy one of these things because I think they are just too typical a souvenir. But after seeing many of them for two straight days, I was convinced I had to buy a couple of small ones for the kids, and maybe even some for their little friends.

They come in all sizes, and some are intricately painted with complicated scenes. But those for simple souvenirs usually come with 5 dolls.

Then I spotted this tiny one, no bigger than 2.5 inches tall. Guess how many are inside?

The first time I opened it in front of the girls, the were squealing with surprise each time I opened yet another doll to reveal the next. They were so tiny, you wouldn't think they would open further. I also had to open them on top of a plate so they wouldn't get lost in case it popped out of my fingers.

The smallest one is as tiny as a grain of rice. There are 10 of them in this 2" doll!

I should've taken a video of their reactions. It was too cute.


Carla@DesignintheWoods said...

Yes, typical. But they're still beautiful and so much fun! You can't go to Russia and not come back with some of them!

mom said...

they are really cute! i'm smiling as i scroll down to each picture. you're kids are very lucky they have a mom who thinks of "hearty" thoughtful surprises. i'm still smiling as i type my comment. i really like this post of yours...

Marivic said...

Hi Carla, yup, I'm so glad I bought them for the kids. @mom--their reaction when I was opening them up one by one was priceless. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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