Friday, October 7, 2011

Sad and Grateful

I join the world in mourning the loss of an extraordinary man.

It was a privilege to have experienced the Apple revolution in my lifetime. Switching to a Mac twelve years ago was the best thing I ever did in my electronic life. Sure there was a learning curve and it took me a couple of months to finally be comfortable without the "right click" of the PC. But once I got it, there was no looking back.  With a PC,  I learned Excel and Word and yes it was extremely helpful and functional--but with that functionality came frustration, irritation, exasperation! For the last twelve years though, the only feeling I've experienced with my Mac is pure joy. I love my Macbook Pro with my whole heart and brain.

Dear Steve, please watch Apple from above. Help them make the right decisions, and guide them so they continue to develop products that bring joy to people. The world is much better because of you. We will miss you very much.

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