Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lied Discovery Children's Museum, Las Vegas

The kids were looking forward to visiting the Lied Children's Discovery Museum. While driving to this place the day before, I erroneously drove into another driveway and we ended up at the Las Vegas Natural History museum. We went there instead. They enjoyed that, but their hearts were set on Lied (pronounced LEED) so they made sure I drove into the right parking lot this time.

Lied is located north of the strip. I was actually surprised that Las Vegas had something like this for kids. Our first experience with a "Discovery Center" was in Honolulu many years ago. The girls absolutely loved it (and still do), so when I found Lied online four  years, I knew we had to visit.

The girls didn't remember being here in 2008 (that's one of the main reasons I write this blog--I want them to remember where we went--and of course I want to remember too!). Here they are four years ago...

They're growing faster than I can blog.  Stop growing until I catch up with the posts, guys!

I appreciated this plumbing display. You pretend to be a plumber and connect the pipes. So that's how they are connected inside the walls! Now if only they also showed how the drains work.

 I can't seem to find this wall niche contraption for the washing machine here in Manila.

There's an airport set up here too. They get to push suitcases through security.

The bubble stations hold their attention for a really long time. I have to remind there that there are other things to see and do.

This display about food was useful for me.  You choose food cards and put them on the plates, and the calories are added up on the screen. It shows you the calorie effects of choosing your food wisely. I wanted the kids to spend time here,  but they ignored me.

This picture above is, for me, the most useful display for adults in the whole museum. Based on this, a standard restaurant serving in an American restaurant should be able to feed a whole family of four.

On one side of the second floor, there's an art room offering a daily craft. The girls love being creative so they plopped in and did the featured craft--a dragon head made out of scrap colored paper. After twenty minutes, they were back out exploring.

This place is a bit worn, but it's still amazingly fun for them. Kids, unlike adults, don't really notice aesthetics as long as they can play.  But look, a  brand new center is going to open in November and in a new location too.

I thought at 11 and 9, they would've outgrown their Discovery Center stage, but they still loved it. They always find something new, or they just play with something in a different way.  This is a fun way to entertain the kids in Las Vegas, without having to be near the casinos. Remember too that the Natural History museum is just across the street.

Lied Discovery Children's Museum

833 Las Vegas Boulevard North
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 382-3445

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