Sunday, June 10, 2012

My First Time on Jet Blue

I checked on my airline options from New York to Las Vegas. My choices were the usual: Delta, Virgin, United, American Airlines. Then there was Jet Blue, Spirit and a couple of others I never heard ok.  I was intrigued by the cheapness of Spirit, but Jet Blue had the perfect departure time for me. The others cost a bit more for the date I wanted.

Spirit had lousy reviews online and Jet Blue had good ones. I booked Jet Blue on my credit card and looked forward to flying this "new airline."

printing out my boarding pass

Jet Blue has its own terminal in New York and I was impressed as soon as I entered. I had checked-in online the night before and with the information on my iPhone, went to print my own boarding pass instead of standing in line. A Jet Blue staffer near the self-check stands cheerfully walked me through it.

There were lots of food choices in the terminal including a high end food court serving slow food.  There was a steakhouse, a French restaurant, and a few more others uncommon to airports. I chose one called Deep Blue, ordered edamame and duck noodle soup, then surfed on the free airport wifi.

I should've tried using these internet stations below. The screen advertised that you could order food without leaving the computer, and your order would be brought to you, your surfing uninterrupted. But I only saw the computer terminals as I was walking to my gate.

And when did vending machines get so upscale? Look at this one here from Best Buy. You could buy a phone, a camera, earphones--practically anything you needed on a trip! There was also a vending machine for toiletries, and one for medicines. I'm sure would've bought a few things had I seen these machines earlier--just for the heck of it.

 These are the toiletries at the W in Bali. Good I got them every day...

Was so tempted to buy this because I left mine at home

If mom was with me, she would've done her pasalubong shopping right at these vending machines. I was so impressed with Jet Blue and I hadn't even boarded the plane.

I had a comfortable window seat which wasn't as cramped as those of other airlines, or maybe I was just biased at this point.

I watched a few documentaries, read my kindle, and edited my iPhoto. In a few hours, we were flying over what looked like Death Valley in Nevada, and close to landing (little did I know we were going to be driving through it in a few days).

I was very happy with my Jet Blue choice. Proves once again that a little online research reaps good-experience rewards.

I'd definitely fly Jet Blue again.

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