Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bongo and Otto in King's Furniture

This ottoman in King's Furniture in South Wharf (Melbourne) caught my eye. I think the design is perfect for the girls' bedroom, in between their two daybeds that face each other.

This would work too, because their room is quite compact. The glass top makes it look like it's not really occupying any space.

These smaller stools will be useful as side tables for them too.

I also liked this outdoor unit in all-weather rattan. The whole unit swivels.

Here's that ottoman again, and the stool..

I got the catalogue which included all the measurements of the stools.

You can check them out here too.

King Furniture is an Oz brand that custom makes furniture. I'm almost sure the all-weather rattan is from Cebu or somewhere in the Philippines, but they didn't volunteer the info.

The store looked quite sparse, but I really liked the ottoman (ottomen?)

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