Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sex in Chadstone, Melbourne

Chadstone is a huge shopping mall on the outskirts of Melbourne. The taxi driver who brought me here kept telling me it was is the biggest shopping mall in the whole southern hemisphere. I didn't want to dampen his enthusiasm by telling him I was from the land of super mega malls, so I just let him continue to tell me how expansive it was.

All the major Melbourne brands are here so it's a perfect venue for the Style Workshop I was attending upstairs in one of the office towers (more on that in another post!).

During our forty-minute lunch break, we had a chance to race through the mall and I chanced upon this Style exhibit of Sex and the City outfits!

 Samantha's slinky dresses

It was interesting to see the clothes up close, specially when the topic of our workshop was about knowing your style, dressing for your body shape, and determining the most flattering colors for your skin tone.

 Wedding ensemble

 The exhibit was curated by Patricia Fields, the show's own costume designer.

 Carrie's trendy outfits

I was never taken by the fashion worn on the show unlike many of my fashionable friends but now with heightened awareness, it was interesting to see how the costume designer interpreted each personality of each character by the style and color of her outfit.

Many brands featured on the show were coveted (or eventually coveted) by viewers, many of whom were glued to their sets just to see what the girls were wearing.

My style leans towards classic so I should identify more with Charlotte, but I found her clothes a bit boring--and those on display here were Oscar dela Renta. Miranda's was too corporate for my taste. Samantha's and Carrie's looked best of all. 

I once came across an exhibit of Jackie O outfits many years back. It had a title like "Jackie, the Washington Years" or something similar. I remember loving all her outfits. You can see some of them in this website. A lot of her silhouettes are back again and I can relate more to her clothes than to these Sex and the City types. Hmm..what does that say about me?

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