Monday, May 13, 2013

When a Chef does the Cohen Diet

 The first Cohen meal she prepared for herself: baked Tuna on top of steamed zucchini ribbons

My sister the chef  finally took the plunge and started on the Cohen Diet two days ago! I'm very excited because Lita is one person who is very disciplined and always goes for what she wants. I know she will be successful on this program.  Lita grew up as a heavy child, and has struggled with her weight ever since. She is always on some diet or another.

When I desperately wanted to lose 20 pounds last year, I wanted to just follow something to the letter. Cohen gave me that solution, except that they told me I had to lose 30 lbs, not only 20. Yeah right, let me see them get me to that goal weight!

Lita's dinner that day: Steak topped with garlic chips with cabbage, asparagus and zucchini

Less than four months after I started  on the diet (with no deviation at all), I was down 35 lbs and feeling great. More important than saying "it works"--because everyone knows that all diets work as long as it's followed--the diet makes sense.

Now I know what my weight triggers are. I can eat bread with no weight gain, and also rice and potatoes. But pasta is dangerous for me. If I exercised more (or I should say, IF I exercised at all) I would be able to eat all kinds of carbs with no worries.

Her breakfast invention: Asparagus and zucchini "crepelette" (one scrambled egg made into a crepe), 

Lita is very health conscious and she knows a lot about nutrition. I think her weight in stalled only because a metabolic disorder. I'm certain it doesn't have anything to do with a lack of discipline because she's one of the most disciplined people I know.

Her lunch: Tuna stack with "angel hair"cabbage and zucchini ribbons.

I wanted Lita to try Cohen so badly that I was even trying to get the Manila clinic to process her  program. And then, just  a couple of months ago, a Cohen Clinic opened only 15 minutes from her house in Sydney. If that isn't a sign, I don't know what is! The person behind the Cohen Center there is Margaret Homsy, a success story herself. They have met and are now FB friends. This is a perfect support scenario for both of them

With her keen understanding of food and experience with other diets, I know this will be the diet to finally get her to that elusive "goal weight".  I can't wait!

*All photos taken by Lita on her iPhone. She was a photographer in a previous life. Now, she is a pastry chef in Sydney (I know, deadly combination: chef? diet?)

*Photos used entirely without permission. Sorry Lita, you'll just have to keep taking shots of your future meals and continue inspire people!


Lita said...

Hi, this is me, Lita! I am on DAY 5 and surviving and actually enjoying it. It's easy to cook with such limited ingredients. But help, I have not eaten out yet! I read your post about traveling for the first time and finding smart choices when eating out. Hainanese chicken is not that hard to find in Sydney as well. Please give me more ideas---how can i eat out, i don't want to be a hermit!!!

zedGlobal BlogSpot said...

How do you measure cooked meat when dining out? My raw meat allowance is 110g. I find this part difficult because when I order beef steak and use my pocket digital scale I weigh the cooked meat at the raw meat weight.


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