Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm so Jealous!

Look at this blog post, and what this lady found on Craigs List!  OMG, what a find! And here I am, making all this effort to go to Betis to get my mirror done!

If hers looked like a "kingdom", mine looks a bit like barnacles. Okay, it is rococo, therefore the shell.  Here is what it looks like now. I visited it again a couple of weeks back to check on the finishing because once it's delivered, that's it!

Good thing I went to see it because I didn't like this "lahar" finish of theirs--which is white powder instead of dark stains in the crevices. Makes the mirror look new but dusty, instead of old and beat up.

But the wood carving is exquisite. Our carvers are very talented.

I'm excited to get it into the house...

Here is the proper finishing I'm having them duplicate. I think it will give the carving more emphasis instead of making them look like one big chunk.

Oh look, a nice small mirror.

Read that blogpost again, about the luckiest girl in the world who found her mirror on Craigs list. Waaaahhhhhh!

I doubt if her mirror is really from the 1890's, but who cares. It's not only the cost, but the thrill of finding it.  I love the way she describes how she pursues the mirror.

Oh well, I'm happy for her, and happy for myself too! I love how my mirror is coming along.


Anonymous said...

i think your mirror looks better than the "kingdom" mirror... =)

Juan Carlos Benedicto said...

Florence is a dream destination of mine! We also had the same experience in operating the ticket machines in Italy. Nice pictures!

Marivic said...

I love my mirror too, but I love the thrill of her find!


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