Friday, July 26, 2013

My Mirror is Here!!

Look what finally arrived today!

After years of desiring a mirror, and then another couple figuring out how to get one that I like...
Then many months of thinking whether to just order it or not.

Here is the progression of my mirror desire--here, here, here and here! (And it even started way before that first post)

If that's not obsession, here's one more last post before this glorious day!

From the time I've wanted a mirror to today, I probably could've given birth to four or five children. A big part of the satisfaction of having something worth owning and loving, is the waiting and the anticipation...

I think I've waited long enough and thought hard enough.

Here it is in my living room today!

B used to ask me, before we had our (what I'd like to call) stand-in headboard, "Don't you want a proper headboard?"  I used to answer "of course, but I haven't found one yet".

We've been married 13 years, and I still haven't found one I love. One thing at a time.

I think I'll stay home the whole day today and stare at my mirror.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

wow congrats! can't wait to see it "live" ;)


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