Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ivana town, Batanes

From my trip to Batanes in 1995, I remember the churches with brightly-colored facades.  This is San Jose de Ivana church. It has been nicely maintained throughout the years.

Here I am with fellow golfers (yes, I was a golfer in another life) in front of the same church in 1995. 

I remember we had a nice visit with the parish priest back them. Too bad I didn't take down his name.


Today the grounds of the church are a bit more manicured. Look at how big these podocarpus maki trees are. In Manila, we see them usually as bushes or hedges.

The boats to Sabtang island leave from Ivana town. The church faces the pier and Sabtang.

To the left of the pier is the famous "Honesty Cafe".

 I love the rustic windows of Batanes.

The view of the sea and Sabtang must be spectacular from up there.

But I'm already tired just watching them from down here. 

(I can hear my dad's voice in my head. "Haaay nakuuuu Marivic! Whaaat are those kids doing up theeeere?!?!?!")

Exploring.  Having fun. Batanes is beautiful. Can't say it enough.

(I'm glad they got down safely. whew!)

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