Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kamuning Swap Meet, Quezon City

One of the things I enjoy doing is visiting the local second-hand stores in Evanglista St. in Makati and Kamuning in Quezon City.  

Even if it looks like these vendors have small stalls, most of them have huge warehouses somewhere else where they stash all their treasures (aka junk).

Lots of times I don't spot things right away because my eye is distracted with a lot of real junk and items being passed off as vintage when you can still buy similar at the department store for much less.  

That's why I take a lot of pictures so I can look at the things again later on. 

A few years ago there was an abundance of chandeliers with porcelain roses facing downwards. I haven't seen those in a long time now, nor have I seen an interesting chandelier.

Someone in this household is looking for a vintage typewriter that's still working. I wonder where we would source the ribbons though. Do you think these old typewriters will come back, the way the polaroid cameras are novelty again for kids?

If only I had an application for these glass panels below--I love the period look.

These chairs were pretty too but I had to restrain myself because I don't have any place for them.

A couple of years back I was told that they were going to close down this venue, and vendors were moving--but I'd been back two or three times since that time and they were still there. I wonder if they still are there now. Maybe it's time for a visit. 

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