Thursday, April 2, 2015

Up North in Batanes

I'm about to take a trip to another beautiful part of our country with the same cast of characters and I still haven't finished my Batanes posts.  So here is one last one--only because these photos are so gorgeous.

and so are we (hee hee)

Batanes has a variety of rolling hills, steep cliffs, and dramatic shorelines. Now and then, they are punctuated by a rustic abandoned structure or  makeshift shed like this one below.

local men playing cards

It would be hard to take a bad picture in Batanes. All these pictures are just snapped by a regular point-and-shoot camera and my phone.

Batanes is a photographer's paradise.

For city kids who are usually staring into a computer screen or looking down at some gadget, this is also paradise.

Okay, I spoke too soon. When you are overwhelmed with your surroundings, a selfie is excusable.

When people see these pictures, they can't believe landscapes like these exists in the Philippines.  

Mind you, this lying down business in not prompted.

It seems to be a natural reaction to beautiful wide open space, clear skies and clean air. Our country has many of these places (just need to discover them), but I think Batanes is in a class of its own

Our guide told us that Batanes was also very popular with couples who like taking engagement photos. The guy above was in a light-colored linen suit and they were taking turns riding the bike, while their guide/photographer took their photos.

(Btw, our guide also provides that service--he can take you around, and document your trip with his own camera too)

The photos will look like they went to some romantic far away place when actually they are only up north in Batanes. But okay, Batanes is still a bit remote.

I hope the people in charge of Batanes preserve the beauty of the province and not let it get run down by commercialism.

From my last visit twenty years ago, more areas of the island are accessible by vehicle, like this spot that looks so much like Hawaii.

Go visit Batanes while you can. It's not cheap, but it's totally worth the trip.

Meanwhile, we're off on another adventure...

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Rosamar said...

Hey MVPL, isn't that the province where Ursula is from? Did you get to visit her?


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