Saturday, March 25, 2017

French Vintage Treasures in Manila

Antique terre de fer from Longchamp, France

Oh my, so much has changed in BLOGGER since I last posted a year ago!

It was getting too tedious to maintain this blog. Now with all the photos on my smartphone, it looks like it will be easier.

I can definitely get back to this!

Antique Salad Servers in Horn and Silverplate

Also, I have a new little hobby that I'd like to introduce to all of you! TAAAA-DAAA! 

Introducing: @ParisBrocante on Instagram!

If you've read this blog from the very beginning, you will know what my passions are and this one speaks directly to my soul.

We are a two-person team. Every weekend, the Paris end of ParisBrocante browses the Paris flea-markets, brocantes and vide-greniers looking for discarded treasures from old estates. Then she sends it off to Manila where the Manila end (that's moi!) offers it for sale on our Instagram account. 

When I'm there, we shop together, otherwise, I accompany her to the fleamarket via viber or facetime. Technology is great.

Our gracious customers write us such sweet notes on beautiful stationery

So far it's been well-received and I'm so surprised to learn that there are more kindred souls  here than I thought!

Considering all the legwork done in Paris: the searching, the lugging,  packing, shipping...then in Manila: the polishing, sorting, stocking, posting...Honestly, it is quite tedious and tiring. BUT we're in this little business to feed our souls. And a nourished soul is empowering.

Vintage hotelware creamers

Why only on Instagram? Because Facebook is just *too distracting* for me! By the time I would've posted one item for sale, I would have also wasted 30-minutes going through everyone's posts and clicking on news stories. FB is time-consuming.

Antique Luneville plates

So we get straight to the point with Instagram.

Suffice it to say, our market are the IG people--almost everyone below 40 years old.  Sorry FB friends if we have no presence on FB--anyway, you guys should be decluttering, not acquiring! Lol.

Vintage Fish Service with faux-nacre handles makes a unique wedding gift

I'm so looking forward to reviving this blog now that it is easy to post photos. You'll be hearing from me!

Do follow @PARISBROCANTE on Instagram now!

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