Saturday, March 25, 2017

Introducing "Paris Brocante"

This is the post that formally announces our new Instagram presence. Please welcome:


Behind Paris Brocante is me and my Paris-based cousin, Bea.  We both love spending our weekends (when I'm there!)  browsing the flea markets, and we figured we might as well do something more productive than just strolling aimlessly among the tables and tents.

Ma cousine et moi!

If half the pleasure is in the hunt, then the other half is in the capture.  Selling what we hoard enables us to repeat the cycle without much guilt. I know some people love vintage things but can't be bothered to spend a day at the fleas, or venture to the more exotic places we go to score our finds.

The more knowledgeable vendors are always eager to share what they know, and we area always eager learners. We don't claim to be experts (yet), so for now, we are just "vintage enthusiasts."

Service a Bonbon; French pastry servers

Many of these things are of a certain era, so there will be similar items every now and then.  But then there will be a unique item from the middle of the last century,  or something from a now defunct company. Very exciting for us.

Fine Bone China Teacups from England are also found at the French brocantes

We really never know what we come across, and that's what keeps it so exhillarating.

Notice my stab at a logo-design (we have a professional-looking one now)

So far we have very limited things because it's what I could carry in my suitcase coming home. As we get used to doing this, I'm sure we'll figure out more efficient ways to get the goods here.  (We are only selling in Manila for now).

Antique Ice-cream serving set.  Icecream used to be churned in a bucket and the finished produst was a frozen log--therefore the knife and the flat palette server.

We are making also lots of contacts along the way--and we will be establishing relationships with dealers who trade very desirable vintage and antique home/tableware. So maybe eventually, we can be your personal shoppers for that antique Christofle tea-set or that vintage chandelier your heart desires.

Antique Silent Butler in plated silver

After the haggling, lugging and packing (none of these things come pre-packed in boxes!)--and taking them home, I still don't know if it will worth our time financially. But one thing I know is that our souls are happy and we are constantly excited about possible finds.

And that for us is enough for now.

Browse IG @parisbrocante!

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