Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Fell in Love in Paris...

furniture lights paris 2010 - 27, originally uploaded by mvpl2.
WIth this beautiful chandelier! Actually found 3 I really liked but this one on the right is the one I had in my mind. If I could only figure out how to get it packed and shipped home.

There are really no bargains at the flea market in Paris. Everything is expensive, or should I say, a do-able price for an end-user. I"m still computing it it's viable to have a business with the flea market as a source--the landed costs wouldn't make sense--or would make sense to a very few people with a lot of money. SO not really a good business proposition.

Paris was too cold this march--it was 27 F (or -2 C!!) degrees during the day--much too cold to be a the flea market, but that's what I did two days in a row since the visit was over a weekend. There will be other times to explore the rest of the city next time when the weather is better.

I want this chandelier! Come to me! (next..but where will I hang it!)

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