Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Should I?

I am forever scouring flea markets and second hand places to "update" my house. You can tell by now that I like things with provenance--the older the better--battered up or not. I have to show that I'm not so into the "battered up" look or the dealers don't want to give me a battered up price!  Anyway, I'm contemplating these for the house. They will replace things that are already in place, but that I don't exactly love. I want my house to contain only things that I absolutely love.

Here is a flush mount fixture that I'm a bit fixated on. Won't have that sharp halogen beam, but will have so much more character.

It's similar to the many light fixtures I saw at the Paris flea market--but this is already here--ready to install! (hehe).  Then I need to replace my foyer table which is chinese--nice but not the right size. I've always wanted something mirrored, and I'm also still on my Francophile mode.

I like the console, not that little table below. My daughter just told me she didn't like the console because it was multicolored. No, I told her, that's mirror reflecting the rug and other things! Oh, then she doesn't like the rug! I think she'll like this because it's mirrored and "fancy" (she loves Fancy Nancy). My other daughter will definitely NOT like this because at 7 years old, she has declared that she likes Modern, and why mommy, does our house look so old. "We could at least paint it", referring to the unpainted concrete front wall. She also points out to boxy houses in the neighborhood, with lots of glass and says she likes those houses, not ours. Well, tastes change. Just have to bring them the Europe and expose them to more ruins.

I also saw this mirror, but it looks a bit too...square? I wanted something more curly. But I like that it's an old European plaster frame. I think I should hold off on this one and check out our local wooden frames. I've seen beautiful reproductions at the furniture fair before but that was long ago. If I could only remember the supplier!

It's at an awkward angel because the photo was taken horizontally, with the frame leaning back--I just rotated it. I like this, but not in love, so maybe I should really wait a bit more. Let's see what I keep thinking about and then I'll go back next week. 



I have been looking for the right mirror for my bathroom and haven’t found any yet. I want something round and curly too instead of the usual square. I’m planning to go to Paete, Laguna over the weekend – they might have some reproductions.

Where do you usually shop for home accessories?

Love your blog btw!


Marivic said...

I've been looking for a Rococo mirror. I'm positive the Paete guys can make it very easily. Let me know if you find something? I don't usually go anywhere in particular to shop, but I've been brought to off-the-beaten track shops, but they're mostly oriental. Thanks for clicking through!


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